Paperwork update

Sorry about the lack of posts (I know that everyone is desperately thinking, when will there be a new post?). I was out of work with strep throat and that put me behind. However, while I was sick, Fed Ex and the UAE Embassy were working, and now I have completed the authorization process on all my documents. I've got the UAE revenue stamps to prove it:

Just as an aside, the sort of flattened circle followed by the diamond shaped dot on the right, opposite the 50, is the Arabic way of writing 50. For some reason that I don't understand, though we use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc), the Arabs don't. Actually, Arabic numerals are not really Arabic in origin, they are from India, but Arab traders got them from India and then brought them to Europe, where European merchants used them instead of the much more difficult to use Roman numerals. But Indian numbers don't look like Arabic numerals either, so I give up as to what is going on. I'll post all ten of the numbers at some point. The license plates of the UAE and the currency all have both Arab and Arabic numbers on them.

Oh, and here is Condaleeza Rice's Signature from the State Department authentication:

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