Mosques in my neighborhood

There are three mosques within about 300 meters of our house.

This is the closest mosque, only about 150 meters from the house. As you can see, it had a small restaurant as part of the building. I have seen several smaller mosques that have some sort of commercial establishment as part of the same building or in the parking lot.

This mosque is just about 200 meters from the house and only about 100 meters from the first mosque.

This mosque is about 300 meters from our house and in the opposite direction of the other two.

These are small mosques and really pretty plain. There are some really large and beautiful ones in other parts of town that I'll post pics of eventually. You are never far from a mosque here.


desertD said...

Just wanted to point out ,the mosques with the green coloured domes( in the photo) are for the shia sect. with three calls of prayer per day few minutes behind the sunni sect. all other mosques are for sunni muslims with five calls of prayer a day.

Brn said...

That is good to know; I had never heard that before.