Post from Amsterdam

I'm sitting here at the airport in Amsterdam waiting for my flight and using a paid internet terminal (only 6 Euros for a half hour!).  Everything is going well so far, except that I'm very tired.  DC10s were not designed for people my size to sleep on them.
My body clock is already so far off.  I ate lunch at 12:00 noon here (McDonald's, a big mac value meal, only 6 Euros), but my body thinks that it is 6:00.
Some observations about the airport here, of the "it's not wrong, just different" variety. 
*  The clerks at the stores here seem really reluctant to make eye contact.
*  They sell porn DVDs in the shops, out in the open.
*  I can't find the chairs Rita told me about.
*  They have a casino.
The flight over here was really interesting, especially when we flew over Ireland, Wales, England and Holland.  The farms and the cities that I saw in Holland are all rectangular, the ones in the British Isles much more haphazard.

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Keefieboy said...

Al Ain is very much like Amsterdam (not!). Hope you like it, and look forward to reading all about the forthcoming culture-shock!