Emirati's Response to Today's Attack

In case anyone still thinks all Muslims support terrorism, check out Emirati's Thoughts about todays attack in London:

On behalf of the UAE People, I present my deepest condolences to our 200 year ally after the Barbaric Al-Qaeda attack that took place in London. The cockoroaches who did this do not represent me or any other sane minded Muslim. RIP to your victims, may your wounded heal quickly, and may your losses be replaced. I wish you the best in hunting down and bringing to justice all the bastards who did this. If there is any way i can assist, please email me at dezertmirage@hotmail.com

No further comment needed.


secretdubai said...

I have written a short Guide to UAE blogs and included yours on it. Please let me know if any details are incorrect. I am trying to limit the list to blogs written specifically about the UAE in some way (rather than those that concentrate on people's personal thoughts/poetry/photos etc).

bigk said...

not tryin to pick a fight, but when american troops were caught abusing prisoners in iraq, there was a large outcry by americans against this, yet i dont see huge numbers of middle easterners crying foul about the loss of western innocents. I do see alot of folks over there blaming america for all their woes, when they should be lookin to their own government fat cats.

Anonymous said...

Well, bigk, I appreciate the fact that there was a large outcry by Americans against Abu Ghuraib, etc. and I see your point. However, I'd like to point out that you read Emirati's message on the attacks, and to me, one sincere message is a lot more effective than a slew of meaningless ones. I think you should appreciate quality over quantity. Are you aware of the fact that, though it is not that apparent, Middle Easterners and non-Middle Easterners are extremely grateful for the Westerners and specifically Americans that volunteer in places like Palestine,etc. like Rachel Corrie, who's a celebrated person there. It all has to do with the heart.