Gas bottles

This is the stove that I bought, and like the vast majority of the stoves here, it runs off of bottled propane gas:

So, how do you get more gas when you run out? You stop that gas truck as it drives through the neighborhood:

This truck drives through the neighborhood several times a day, ringing a bell to warn you it is comming.

[Updated - June 2007]
You know, in two years here, I have only gotten gas from one of these trucks once. Usually when the gas runs out, it is at night, so I have to drive to one of the ADNOC stations that sell propane.


Bu3askoor said...

Yep that is how you get gas.

When i was a kid, we would time when these trucks come around so that we can hang on it and annoy the drivers. Once my "thoob" or "dishdasheh" got stuck and the truck dragged me for around 200 meters. Let's just say i stopped after that lol

Brn said...

LOL! As a kid we used to throw snow balls at the garbage trucks until one day the garbage men got out and chased us. It scared us so bad we would hide when it came around after that.