Press Law

Dubai Truth has posted the Press Law on his/her blog, Dubai Daze, so you can read all about what can and can't be written here in the UAE. Some examples are:

* No criticism shall be made against the Head of State or Rulers of the Emirates

* Any work is absolutely prohibited from being published if it involves instigation against Islam or the system of ruling

* No opinions shall be published if they violate public discipline and order, or involve insult to teenagers, or call for or circulate subversive ideas. [wait, teenagers? I can't even insult teenagers?]

* No article blemishing the president of an Arab, Islamic or any other friendly state will be published. It is also prohibited to publish any material that causes agitation to relations between the UAE and other Arab, Islamic and friendly countries.

* No article defaming Arabs and their civilisation and heritage shall be published.

As I read this, I remembered a story about Fredrick the Great. Someone once came to the emperor and said that a man was insulting the Prussian army. He then asked Fredrick what should be done about him. Fredrick replied, "Leave that man alone. He is biting on granite."


bigk said...

Why do you need to make fun of teenagers,I mean, really...no need to point out what is so obvious.

secretdubai said...

This is the problem that allows despotic rulers to oppress their people in certain states - eg Iraq - with not a word of criticism from other Arab nations.

These rules desperately need revision - but they stem from culture rather than law/logic - and that has to change more at its own pace.