Back to the 70s

In some ways, the UAE reminds me of the US in the early 70s, at least how I remember those days (I was less than 10 then).

  • People are allowed to and do smoke almost everywhere

  • No low fat food (OK, you can find some in some places, and I don't remember the lack of low fat food).

  • It is common to see large families

  • You see kids unrestrained in cars (I still haven't seen anyone riding in the back window like I used to enjoy, but then cars have much smaller spaces there too)

  • Full service gas stations

  • Removable pull tops on soda cans (my kids think that these are new)


Hurricane_ said...

More blasts from the PAST you still in the UAE

Parents leave there kids home alone, no concept of baby sitters.

Ass whopping is considered an acceptable form of discipline.

No child proctective service number to call

just a mom said...

Good to know the large family is accepted there.

~ Jenn

Red Pen said...

Brn, I've felt the 70s flashback here myself:

--People still ride in the back of trucks (not many pickups, though)

--It's not uncommon to see people toss litter out the car windows

--Glitter, glitter and MORE glitter

Yet, I also feel like I'm in Futurama:

--People walking around talking into headsets

--E-gate cards & fingerprints let you bypass immigration in the Dubai Airport

--The ski-resort-in-a-mall coming to Dubai next month

What an interesting place in which we live.

Red Pen

annckay said...

Tell me, was it better then like the 70's, or has the society in the US evolved into something better...cos that's where Dubai is heading to?

Brn said...

Thanks for the other examples everyone.

I should have said in my post that I meant this as a compliment. Since I had a (relatively) happy childhood, I remember those times fondly. And I agree with you Red Pen that I also feel the really strange conflicts between the past and future.

As to where this place is going, I hope that it is going to keep the good things of the future while not loosing the good things of the past.

Anonymous said...

Something else:

PULL TABS! I've not seen pull tabs on soda cans for 25 years.

Not to mention 100% full-service gas stations...