One of the most alien things here to me is that there are markets or stores where you haggle for the price of things. I am quit possibly the world's worst negotiator (even worse than Homer Simpson), so I'm at a big disadvantage here. I was thinking about this though, and I have decided that it is the manner of the bargining that is different.

In America, we bargin as a group and silently. If merchant A is offering a product at too high a price, we just refuse to buy it until the price comes down rather than individually ask for a lower price. It would be interesting to see if both methods would result in roughly the same average price for products (which would be my guess). But the American method does reward bad negotiators like me.


Anonymous said...

Brn. It sounds like you are having quite an adventure. I am glad that Bss and the kids are with you now. I was wondering if you are wearing western clothing? Or, has your wardrobe been influenced by the local styles?
Jenna from Joyner

Brn said...

Yep, I'm still wearing Western clothes. Everyone here pretty much wears whatever they would where at their home, so the Emiratis and other Gulf Arabs where dish-dahes (male) or abayas (female), the Afghans and Pakistanis were the long shirt (about knee length) and pants (I have no idea what you call these things), and the Indian men wear mostly western style clothes and the women wear more traditional and colorful clothes. It is really very fascinating to see all the different styles and colors.

Anonymous said...

the afghans and pakistanis wear salwar kameez,and indian women too beside the sari ,think that is it`s name.

Lulu said...

No, Brn, I think I am the worst haggler in the world. I hope you don't mind, I have used your idea to write an entry about haggling - check it out on my blogsite (arabian-adventures.blogspot.com)
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brn for making me notice -even more- the fascinating diversity of this place. My 13 yr old daughter told her friends that in UAE you eat genuine ethnic food. Our first buffet experience was mindblowing! Totally awesome!

Blogger said...

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