Buying Gas

The easiest adjustment that I have made has been buying gas. In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, there is only one gas company, ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company).

Despite this monopoly, the stations are clean (even the rest rooms!) and well staffed. Many of them have oil change stations, full service car washes, and fast food restaurants. There is no self-service (not even if you want to pump it yourself), and the attendents even wash your windshield.

And the price? Well, it depends on which grade you want. The cheaper grade is 95 octane and costs 4.75 a gallon. Oh, that is 4.75 dirhams, and I'm fairly sure that it is imperial gallons. So, in US money and measures, that is $1.09 a gallon. (If I'm wrong about the gallons being imperial, then it goes up to $1.29.) The more expensive grade, 98 octane, is 5.25 AED a gallon ($1.19 or at most $1.43).


Anonymous said...

Gasoline is up to $2.59 per gal in Greenville.

Hurricane_ said...

I remember just 3 yrs back , gas was 1.05 in Georgia

mohamed elzubeir said...

Didn't it hit the $4 marker somewhere in San Francisco?

By the way, gas prices here have been raised several months ago. It was quite a bit cheaper (and they were not raised as a result of any of what is happening now). I'm just guessing the government wants gradually stop subsidising it.

BrainSyke said...

the gas recently hit $3/gallon last week in Chicago, and $2.89 in Indiana.
I used http://gasbuddy.com to find the cheapest around where I live.