We're Number One! or Things I Learned from looking at Site Meter

Guess what the number one result of a Yahoo search for mount hafeet, Al Ain, UAE is? You are looking at it. Also number one in Google for Jabel Hafeet but not Jebel Hafeet (it will also tell you that I am misspelling it). We are also number one in Yahoo for al ain city map alain mall.

I really cannot believe that this blog has been visited more than 3500 times, 2500 of those just since I got here. Thank you for everyone who has read and contributed to the dialog that has developed.


secretdubai said...

Congrats! Now it's time to put some Google ads on your site, and earn around 11c/month like I am ;)

Mohamed Elzubeir said...

Ooh.. you're earning more than I am! Bah ;) I put those Google ads for fun and very much doubt I'll ever see a paycheck from Google. Even if I do get one, I probably would frame it instead.. just cause it's from google ;)

Brn, you are blogging about a place that you can hardly find any literature on (online), so yeah, gotta be up there. Now I would start putting variations of Jebel/Jabel in your blogs to get it to pick up the rest ;)

Fun fun!

Red_Pen said...

You do a great job on your blog. I really enjoy reading it.

Your Man in Dubai said...

Have you been to any oases in Al Ain. Try the book Off Road in the Emirates and the drives can be very good. I have driven from Hatta to Al Ain throught the Wadis a few times, you do need a 4x4 for most of them. There is one oasis you can reach by normal road car can't remember the name now but you go through Burami and past Fossil Valley (not many fossils left) once you get out there it really is like stepping back in time. Welcome to the UAE by the way.