Ramadan starts tomorrow

The moon-sighting panel has announced tomorrow, Tuesday 4 October as the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan.


Anonymous said...

So what does that mean for you? Ramadan?? Can't buy beef? Mustnt go out after dark? What's it mean for the daily life of expats?

New to this...

Anonymous said...

It has impact on expats, especially non-Muslim. Eating in public isn't allowed, most restaurants are closed during the day. Though bakeries, grocery stores, etc. are open all day. Workday is shorter in some places (e.g., govt.). For those who like to shop, malls and stores are open till midnight or 1 am (get very crowded towards last 10 days of Ramadan). Crazy traffic jams are to be expected around that time too. Expats who have local or Muslim friends might get to experience Ramadan spirit, share an ethnic meal, etc. Some hotels and restaurants hold Ramadan Iftars (equivalent of dinner) showcasing ethnic favorites for this time of the year.
It's a great cultural experience for open-minded expats. I know of several expats who tried fasting for a day or two in order to get into Ramadan spirit!