Seer Bani Yas Island

Thanks to my superiors at the library and the UAE Air Force, we all got to go to Seer Bani Yas Island last weekend.

The whole island is a wildlife refuge set up by Sheikh Zayed in the late 70s. Millions of trees have been planted, including fruit trees like oranges and apples. It is located about here

We all had a great time seeing all the animals and swimming and the kids loved the flight. (The UAE Air Force flew us over to the island in a cargo plane.)

Here you can see some of the vegetation that have been planted:

We were allowed to get very close to many of the animals.

We also got to visit some of the palaces on the island

We also visited what we were told was Sheikh Zayed's rest house. This very small house was on the highest point of the island with a beautiful view in all directions.

And some of us were completely worn out by the fun


secretdubai said...

I LOVE the hares!

Emirati said...

its either the c-130 or the cn-295, must have been a very noisy flight ! other than that, and for everyones information, the Jebel Dhanna Hotel in Abu Dhabi will actually offer boat rides to the Island and tours.

Brn said...

Secret Dubai,

I was really nice to see them too. Sometimes I miss seeing squirrels and the other small animals. Well, actually I have seen squirrels and chipmonks, but in pet stores.


Yes, it was pretty noisy, but I was prepared for that, since I knew that military aircraft are not really insulated. The ride was also a little bouncy at takeoffs and landings, which only made the kids enjoy it more. I wish that I could say the same thing.

Red Pen said...

How cool!

Ash said...

hi i want to visit this place are there any lodgings / rest house i make reservations at......