Bounty on Typos

From This is True:

Moon God Drinking Products Co., a skin care company in China, has offered a bounty of 1,000 yuan (US$120) for every typographical or literary error found in a day’s editions of four Chinese publications in an attempt to embarrass journalists into better writing. Hao Mingjian, who came up with the idea for the bounty, said that “China’s press has lost its polish in the past decade or two,” which “reflects a chaotic cultural environment and shows people lack a sense of responsibility.” (Reuters)

It is a good thing for this company that they didn't make this offer for the Khaleej Times, they would have gone broke. (See Secret Dubai for more.)


CG said...

Perhaps the DPC might like to start such an offer. Seeing as they do not have that much to do anyway.

nzm said...

What a great idea - can this be introduced into the Dubai press scene?

My favourite from the Gulf News today was in an article about some Sharjah residents having trouble accessing their apartment building because of the roadworks.

They quoted one of the residents, and then added the tag that he "refused to be quoted."

I think that they meant he refused to be named, but it still amused me!