Monsoon Tours

At Marginal Revolution, I saw this story about monsoon tourism in India. At my last job in America, I had a co-worker from Goa (hi Rita!) who told me about Emiratis coming to India to see the rain. Living in North Carolina where nearly every summer afternoon brings thunderstorms, it seemed crazy to hear about, but after a year in the desert, I would almost be willing pay a few thousand dirhams to be able to enjoy a few days for rain.


Marcus Aurelius said...

One summer my soon to be wife, her niece, and myself went to Salalah Oman. It was rainy and very windy, no watersports.

The hotels were empty but it was soon to be their busy season when tourists Peninsula wide came to see the rain and storms.

We crossed over the coastal mountain range and the brown yielded to green and camels to holstein cows. Near the beach they had tropical fruit trees such as bananas and the like (fruit which my wife only knows) though they were cultivated.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you've been shown unusual favour. It rained (thunderstorms, literally) 7 times in June, the last one accompanied by hail.

The rest of UAE is looking on in envy.