Etisalat Machines

Keefieboy's post about Etisalat's payment machines reminds me of a question that has been bugging me for some time now.

This machines are scattered around town here in Al Ain. I usually end up using either the one at Al Jimi Mall (Carrefour), the one at Al Ain Mall, or one of the three at Etisalat itself. But the strange thing is how inconsistent they are. I can pay my phone bill and internet at Al Jimi but not the cable bill. I can pay my phone bill or cable at Al Ain Mall, but not my DSL account. At Etisalat, if I use the machine inside, I can pay the DSL or phone bill, but not the cable. If I use the ones outside, I cannot pay DSL, but cable and phone will work. There must be some reason for this insanity, but I cannot figure out what it would be.

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Marcus Aurelius said...


The reason for the insanity is when it came time to finalize the design specs it was tea &/or coffee time and the design specs were dropped in the incomplete state they were in, never to be touched again until it was time to implement.

The implementation team seeing the inconsistencies knew there bosses were 100% on top of things (or else) and implemented a half-... plan (and still probably got sacked for it).

Those payment machines were just starting to come out the last year I was there and they did not prove very helpful. The only one I had any interaction with was the one at the main Etisalat office.