Say What?

Since I know (at most) one language fluently, I deliberately avoid making fun of some of the more interesting attempts at English that one sees here. You see some that are grammatically correct, but sound funny in my ear (e.g. "Beware of Road Surprises"), some that have a word wrong, but the meaning is clear ("Entry in the checking track is dangerous for accident"), and a lot that are just simple misspellings (my all time favorite: "Sorry for the Inconvienous" near a construction site).

Today at the vehicle inspection site, I saw this beauty (completely verbatim, with lack of punctuation and all incoherence intact):

Please enter vehicles in the valid parking and take ticket exhumation vehicles passing for information in side the building.

Huh? I did all this to get my registration renewed and I still have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

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Louis said...

Welcome back. This (incoherent) sign, it's a reminder that you're back in town.

Just out of curiosity, what exactly does it mean? LOL.