Fine for Dirty Cars

I knew that before I came to the UAE I had read that you could be fined for having a dirty car, but everyone that I have told this to since I have been here has said that I was wrong.

So after seeing this War on Dirt at Blinging Dubai, I now feel like you all owe me an appology (just kidding).


nzm said...

Dubai Sunshine actually blogged a while back about being given a warning by a cop for having a dirty car.

Wait until the cops in the west hear about this one - they'll have no trouble making their quotas!

Marcus Aurelius said...


The only dirty-car problem I ever had was at the Al-Ain PD getting my car inspected for re-registration. After waiting a 1/2 hour or so, the officer wiped his finger on my car and told me to go get it washed.

I was.... ;-|