Roundabouts of Al Ain #13

(Sorry if you thought that the series was over. I still have about 10 more to go.)

Al Qala Roundabout

This is the roundabout that is nearest to my house, the one that inspired me to begin this series. Fortunately, a friend of mine did take a picture of the castle/fortress before its destruction, and said friend has graciously allowed me to use this photo here (thanks!). It was taken from a moving car, but you can get an good idea of how it used to look:

This is what it looks like now:

It is a big disappointment. OK, so the fountain is still there (you can't see it in the picture from before, but the fountain went up to the edge of the wall of the castle), and it is pretty nice.

But in the middle are just some palm trees and these huge A/C units (actually, I'm just guessing that they are A/C units, maybe they do something with the fountain). Maybe when whatever is using the irrigation system here grows it will be nicer.

One other thing about roundabouts here in general: it always amazes me to see people stop in the outside line, as here, and have conversation. It happens day and night, and almost group of people seem to do it.


elle said...

I'm so please you were able to get a photo of the caste/wedding cake. I do miss it.

al buxman said...

As for me, I've never seen it with the castle. So thanks for the photograph. The good news may be that the Municipality has some plans for this roundabout. A few days a go I saw some workers looking pretty busy at this site, so it's possible something may be coming up.

(P.S. I didn't think you'd stopped blogging on the roundabouts, coz I know there are quite a lot more interesting ones to cover...I was just waiting for you to resume after the house moving etc.)

ahmed said...

I couldnt believe my eyes the day I saw them razing the castle. Still no explanation from anyone why it was so heartless razed.

It looks like Al Ain is getting less attention these days.

al buxman said...

Corrigendum: the workmen I saw were on the next roundabout, not this one. Sorry.