Shocking Revelation

The top story in last week's edition of the Al Ain Times contains the following shocking revelation in the headline: "Carfour [sic] topped food-shopping places in Al Ain". Other studies reveal that it is hot in Al Ain in the summertime and that it doesn't rain much in the desert.

Actually, I think that that headline is unfair to the study, which was conducted by faculty and students the College of Food and Agriculture of the UAE University, making it sound like one of those silly studies that you hear about periodically. (For example, from Best of the Web on Friday: "A U.S. meta-analysis finds people identified as having an aggressive and irritable personality are likely to engage in aggressive behavior.")

While I haven't seen the study, the paper's summary presents some interestings tidbits like the fact that Emiratis' favorite fruit is mango, while all the other groups prefer apples.


Anonymous said...

When they start paying their staff we might start to see a better newspaper..

Brn said...

Since English is obviously not the first language of many if not most of the writers, it is probably unfair of me to criticize. I am really glad that the paper exists, so I deliberately avoid taking shots at it too much.

ahmed said...

Eid Mubarak Bss & Brn :-)