Biggest Hack in the World

I miss a lot of things about home. Being unable to avoid all the idiots in the American media isn't one of them. So of course one of the few idiots that I do end up seeing occasionally is Keith Olbermann, quite possibly the worst of the lot.

Say what you will about people like Bill O'Reilly, at least he has people who disagree with him on his show (of course then he berates them and tells them to shut up, but they do get to say a few words). Mr. Olbermann's guests invariably agree with him, so the show ends up a boring echo chamber, which probably explains his low ratings.

But dumbest of all is his daily "Worst Person in the World" feature. Now there are no shortage of bad people in the world - murderers, rapists, child abusers, . But in Mr. Olbermann's world, who worse than all those people? Well, from last night, in reverse order:

3. The NY Mets (a baseball team)
2. Two prison guards who offered an inmate a pie to run around naked
1. The people responsible for making a flight late

I don't know about you, but I'm shuddering at the evil. Oh, and you would think that a "dedicated baseball fan and historian of the sport" and former sportscaster (whose sportscasting career intersected with the player) would know that the name of the player referred to is spelled Tim Teufel, not Tim Tuffle. Unless, of course, Mr. Olbermann doesn't actually write his own material... nah, that would be unethical.

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