So, which is it? (And buy a subscription to Google already)

Emirates today can't make up its mind.

Cabbies will be the death of us all

Cabbies are heroic ironmen, driving to Saturn and partway back in three months.

And not only are the tone of the two in contradiction, but the facts presented are too.

Article One: There are 6,000 registered cabs, and they never get a day off

Article Two: There are an average of 3,000 cabs on the road every day.

Also, the 91.7 million km distance from Earth to Saturn? Not even close, as a quick Googling will tell you.

The closest approach of Saturn to the Sun is 1,348 million km. The maximum distance of Earth from the Sun is 98.3 million km. So if Saturn is at it's closest point to the Sun, and Earth is at its farthest point from the Sun, and Saturn and Earth happen to be perfectly aligned, it is still around 1,249 million km to Saturn. So the 91.7 million km is only off by a factor of 13 or so. This figure is so wrong, you have to wonder how in the world they came up with it.


oink oink said...

They are Emirates Today after all. ET, in other words.

P.S.: You didn't somehow think any of the newspapers here was any good, did you...

Al Ain Taxi said...

Until Dubai gets an efficient public transport system, the poor cabbies will spend hours sitting in traffic as their meters crawl round.

Forget the packed out municipality buses that take hours to crawl round the city, bring on the metro. In the meantime, maybe we could introduce taxi and bus only lanes which mean that more people will use them, less cars on the road, the taxi drivers will up their incomes because they can earn more money per hour and everyone's happy.