Christmas Crackers?

What exactly are these Christmas Crackers that I keep seeing for sale? I'm guessing that this is some British holiday treat, but what exactly? Are they some kind of special cookies/biscuits?


Al Ain Taxi said...

Yep, they're British. One person holds one end and another person holds the other. You pull in opposite directions and BANG! the cracker breaks in half. Whoever gets the biggest portion in their hand wins the prize inside: usually a small toy, a joke and the paper crown which has to be worn at the table while eating Christmas Dinner.


Mohammed UK said...


"usually a small toy, a really awful joke such as 'what do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? A wooly jumper' and the paper crown"

Brn said...

OK, now I have to buy some, it sounds like the jokes and prizes are aimed at my house's major demographic.

Thanks for answering this for me.

secretdubai said...

Crackers are great - the more expensive the better. You can buy very very expensive ones with conents that are actually like proper presents (ie not throwaway plastic stuff).

Very typical cracker presents of a reasonable quality include:
- mini pack of playing cards
- mini fold up scissors
- mini lock
- metal pull-apart puzzle

Fancier hats have gold and silver foil and shizzit on them, but I prefer the all-paper ones myself. All hats itch after a few moments of wearing them anyway.

Don't make your own crackers though, I think that's lame. The contents need to be a surprise for everyone. Crackers are very, very exciting and I love them and I get exceedingly angry when I don't get the "big end".

Harrods is doing crackers this year that cost £2,000/$3,600. I can't find those on their site (perhaps they sold out) but if you're on more of a budget anyway, these are only £1,000 ;)

nzm said...

Choitrams have got some that are 200dir for 6 and have silver trinkets in them!

DG said...

Merry Christmas. Hope all your days are filled with happiness just like today :-)

Brn said...

Thank you DG. Eid Mubarak to you everyone else as well.