The cat did it!

Water seems to cause more problems for us around here! Not the water itself, but how it is used. Once again, our little guy P appears to be at the root of the mess. When I went upstairs tonight to tuck our kids into bed, I heard water running in the bathroom. I thought that was odd, since O was already asleep and P was in bed looking at his books. My jaw hit the floor when I walked into the bathroom. (Yep, the boys bathroom.......again) Only this time, it wasn't the bidet. Oh, no.......it was the bathtub.

The shower curtain *and* shower rod were pulled down from the wall. The shower curtain was draped inside the bathtub, covering the drain for the tub. The water was running and was about to *overflow* the tub. I stormed out of the bathroom with a tough mom look on my face and demanded to know WHO did that! Well, O was sound asleep, B had been downstairs with me the entire time listening to me read a book. The only person left........P. Upon interrogation, P exclaimed, very convincingly, 'The cat did it!'

That answer caught me off guard. I knew our cats were constantly scheming to do us in......or do *me* in, I should say. (Does the movie Cats and Dogs ring a bell?) I also knew that the cats liked to hide in the bathtub and sometimes jumped on the shower curtain accidentally on their way into the tub. His accusation seemed perfectly reasonable to me. Except that I forgot the figure in how the water got turned on..............or how the curtain rod just happened to be totally separated from the shower curtain. No, I didnt' stop to take these facts into account until after I had tossed the bad kitties into the bathtub full of water. Oh well, us humans had a good laugh watching them scrambling to get out.

Before I left the bedroom, I announced that if anyone ever caught P, or Antari, or _______, or ________ (all of P's alternate identities) messing in the bathroom again, it was going to be bad news! P walked back to his bed, his shoulders drooping and his head hanging low. "That sure was naughty," he said quietly as he climbed into bed and covered himself up with his Winnie Pooh blanket.

I made a quick exit downstairs so I could giggle out of earshot from my boys.

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