Palestinians: Leave or 'prepare to die'

So I've had several online debates here about whether the US media is controlled by the Jews. So if any of you who believe that the media is controlled by the Jews are reading this, I have a question: Why isn't this story ( "Palestinians told to leave immediately or 'prepare to die'") in any of the US media*? I mean, spun properly, doesn't it makes Muslims look like they really don't care about what happens to Palestinians? Wouldn't any pro-Israeli conspiracy want that message out there?

[*Note on methodology: When I say that it is not in any of the US media, I mean that I searched CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC/MSNBC, CBS, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and Google News (only shows the Gulf News story) for the phrase "prepare to die", on the assumption that such a phrase would have to appear in any such story. I could be wrong in this assumption.]

[Update: 28 January 2007]
Ahmed has discovered that the Washington Post has run a story about this situation. Thanks for the find. They version of the story is if anything even more depressing.


Anonymous said...

You've been Instalaunched! Kudos. Now sit back and watch your Sitemeter go bonkers

blackminorca@cybercossack.com said...

The assumption is made that the leftist MSM is a supporter of Israel.

Au Contrare!

And those in the MSM that are jewish, are typically leftist/relativist JINOs that - happy to see Western Judeo- Christian Civilization's demise.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and congratulations on the Instalanche! I don't think this dilutes your argument, but I would note that the Gulf News is actually reprinting a story from last week's (London) Sunday Telegraph, which is not owned by Jews (though it used to be), and is aligned with the British Conservative party. The original article can be found here. The question remains, why such stories get ignored by many papers and other media outlets. I would say, because they don't fit their narrative...
All the best,
A. Kvetch

secretdubai said...

I wonder if they missed it, or if they just didn't care?

Jimmy Carter's book was tipped to encourage (and reflect) a change in mindset, but so far that's not happening: as usual any criticism of Israel is instantly attacked as "anti semitism".

Ahmed said...

Good post Brn and it looks like Washington Post has noticed what you wrote :-)

Read here