The Joys of Reading

Our oldest son, B, has reached an important milestone in his education. Since our children are homeschooled, I have the privelidge of guiding them, teaching them, witnessing their 'a-ha' moments, and experiencing learning right alongside of them. I feel it is a great honor to be able to do this. After all, my children are my 'magnum opus,' my greatest accomplishment.

Reading is the ticket to a successful education. If a child reads well, he/she can teach himself anything. If that same child reads well *and* loves reading, the 'sky's the limit' on what the child can do in life and where he/she can go. Brn will testify that his love of reading has been the key factor in how he has obtained knowledge in his life. Dr. Benjamin Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the John Hopkin's Medical Institutions, also makes a strong case for reading and success. In his autobiography, Gifted Hands, Dr. Carson points to his love of reading and his love of God as being the most influential aspects leading to his success in the medical community and in life. I encourage all of you to read this book.

Our son, B, has known how to read for a few years. Now, he shows a *love* for reading. He reads to obtain knowledge *and* he reads for pleasure. He has always carried books around, studying the pictures and gaining a few tidbits of information along the way. Now, he reads for full understanding. His book choices are well rounded, from the silly titles (Captain Underpants), to historical fiction and fact books, to good children's literature. I know that he is reading for understanding because he is able to narrate what he reads and he asks intelligent questions about the material. He also likes to quiz us on all the little juicy tidbits he comes across. Some days he follows me around all day talking to me about whichever book he is enjoying. As a teacher, I can finally start to relax. He now has the skills he needs to learn more effectively under my tuteladge, as well as independently. I'm not ready to turn him lose and let him fly freely, but I am rejoicing because he is taking responsibility for what he learns. He is chosing books that are supplementing his education. Now, his knowledge will not be limited to what I, or any other teacher, can teach him. The sky is the limit! (Unless, of course, he becomes an astronaut.......)


Marie said...

I so agree with you. Once a person can read well, it is almost as though they are completely educated. They can learn anything.

nzm said...

That's fantastic.

I grew up in Fiji where we had no TV, so we read voraciously. I'm so greatful that we had that environment, as well as teachers who set us topics that were interesting and that we had to research to complete projects.

nzm said...

yeesh - that should read grateful!

Joyful Days said...

You are so right! Reading is the key. This is such a cool part of homeschool, the "aha" followed by the desire to find out more.

My ds2 has resisted reading until recently. Even thought I really don't like Scooby Doo I will sit and listen because it makes him happy.

I had to laugh, my oldest will follow me around like that!! Just like a shadow that talks, and talks...