The Mosques of Al Ain - #3

This mosque is in the center of downtown, right at that flyover. Some of the beautiful features of this mosque are the elaborate scroll work, the stained glass windows, and the black Koranic writing contrasting with the white marble, and multitude of eight-pointed stars.

Viewed from the North

Window Detail

Minaret from the Subway

Balcony over the front door

Side of the balcony

Stained glass and star-lined windows

Viewed from the South

The white of the marble is especially beautiful in contrast to the blue skies of Al Ain. It may be my imagination, but it also seems that the call to prayer from this mosque is the loudest in town.


Ahmed said...

This is the Zar'ouni mosque - very beautiful from inside. I understand its difficult for you to get inside.
When is the most beautiful mosque coming up - the bin Hammoudah mosque next to the Khabisi petrol station.

Mohammed UK said...

Wonderful stuff!

Ahmed, I have one pic from the inside of bin Hammoudah on my blog. It's just a few minutes walk from my place. See you there sometime (ask around for Mohammed from UK).

The other big new masjid near your favourite Roundabout, Brn, (north on Baladiya) is now open. I went there for some shots after Fajr. It is a very verdant area. Lots of trees and bushes. Looked wonderful in the morning light.

Would you like to see/use my pics?
My net link is far too slow for uploading pictures, just one at a time for me. Is there a way for me to send my pics to you on a CD?

Brn said...

Thanks for the compliments. Bin Hammoudah will be up later today. I had to go out this morning and get a few more shots before it was ready.

I would love to use your pics mohammed. If you could send or drop off the CD to me at the library or maybe we could meet up somewhere for some tea/coffee?