The Bank that Cares Strikes Again

I have a long standing hatred of my bank. (I know, why don't I just close my account and move to a different bank. Mostly just inertia, plus after talking with friends, I just doubt that there is anything any better out there.)

Anyway, the bank decided that I needed another credit card, so they sent me one. Not asked if I would like to apply for one. Just sent it to me. Moreover, this card shares the credit limit of my other card, so it has absolutely no positives for me and only negatives (an additional annual charge and another chance that I might lose it and get money stolen from me). So yesterday I was out and tried to take it to the new branch at the Jebel Roundabout so that they could cancel it. Of course, and why I expected otherwise, I don't know, they wouldn't do it. Instead, I have to go the the Khalifa Street branch, because... well actually I have no idea why. The only sensible answer would be if all the branches are independently owned and operated.


Marcus Aurelius said...


I had the same frustrations with the BCCE (aka Union National). I had a standing order to transfer money on a monthly basis and periodically they would miss one. The consequences for missing one of my orders was pretty severe so I finally got fed up and went to the Mashreq bank. I never regretted it for a second.

Do the paperwork and get a Mashreq bank account. Given the passport you carry you most likely will get into the branch on top of Khalifa street (it it is still there).

Do it!

Anonymous said...

Brn. Run away from UNB. I changed to HSBC when I lived there and it is the ONLY bank worth dealing with - truly international unlike ANY of the others. Your comments about ownership are quite astute. Banks, including HSBC, like every other business in the UAE are majority owned by UAE Nationals, or in this case, probably the government. I have never been able to find out for sure. What does that mean? It means that your employer (the UAE Government) owns your bank - nomatter which bank you choose. Epiphany? It was for me. Best of Luck.