New Children's Library in Al Ain

Another story that I missed: Children’s library in Al Ain. There are almost no details (like who is allowed to use the library and what language(s) the collection is in) but this is great news.


kochumanavalan said...

Most likely, children of al nationalities will be allowed to use it. As for the language and type of books that you may expect to find in there, the name of the centre that set it up should give you an useful clue.

Someone in Al Ain said...


I called 181 for asking about the number of that library..but they didnt have it..

will try to see if can bring more information about it..

thanks for posting this..

Brn said...

I think that you are right on both points kochumanavalan.

Anything that you can find out would be great, siaa. Thanks!