Computer Whoa's

It's true, your IT staff makes fun of you behind your back. We love sharing stupid user stories. A few days ago, I had a new one for the books. I was repairing and updating several of our reference PCs. On a couple of them, I had taken the hard drives out of to update the software. So the case was open, wires were sticking out of it, and the power off. While my back was turned, sure enough, someone sat down at one of those computers (and we were not busy, so there were no shortage of obviously working computers at that time) and turned it on so that he could use it. And then looked confused when nothing happened.


Marcus Aurelius said...

A colleague of mine at the UGRU complained about a workshop our staff put on for higher level administrators. It started off with basics of computer usage including plugging in & turning it on.

The instructor said that insulted the intelligence of the people attending.

I have seen adults fail that test (i.e. power it up) and true adults will just think I know this and move on from there.

i*maginate said...

That was me, but I ain't no he. ;)

i*maginate said...

Just clicked on the link, the website is hilarious! I'm going to refer to it when I need a good laugh? But how do I remember the website name? Do I need to cut and paste the link into Word to get back to it? :P

Here are two funny ones from the website:

Tech Support: "Now click the 'connect' button."
Customer: (modem dialing noises) "Hold on, I have another call." (pause) "Hmmm. No one there. Ok, I'll try this again." (modem dialing noises) "Hold on, I got another call." (pause)


Tech Support: "What web browser are you using?"
Customer: "Aren't you my browser?"


Thx Brn for the laugh!

kochumanavalan said...

I'm sure the guys servicing the computers at our office have plenty of good ones. They're here almost every day! Folks like us are good for their business.

There was this one guy in our office who used to constantly have trouble with his computer...virus infestation, hard disk crashes, etc.,...and every time they turned up and asked him how it started, he would go:

"Well there was this big message came up on screen saying I had won a free US Green Card in the Visa lottery...."

IT Guy: "Yes, and then...?"

Our chap: "Well, it said 'click here'...so I clicked there..."

IT Guy: "Why did you do that?"

Our chap: "Well, I wanted my Green Card, didn't I?"

(And so on. It happened over and over, yet he would always click on anything that said "Click Here".)