At Least We Know Exactly How Many Tickets

So there may be conflicting police stories of how many died on the roads over Eid, but the Dubai Police seem to have a better idea of how many tickets were issued during Eid: 26,937 (Gulf News) or 26,057 (7Days), along with 138 confiscated vehicles.

Actually, the Gulf News version makes it sound like 26,937 tickets were issued and another 17,057 speeding tickets issued via cameras (at least that is how I read "traffic patrols and traffic control teams issued 26,937 traffic offences, while radars caught 17,057 speeding offences", but that seems both very high and unlikely (in that the police would manually stop and write out more tickets than the cameras would catch). But their total seems more accurate over all (for the 7Days figure to be right, the police would have had to written exactly 9,000 tickets, so I'm going with 26,937). So this means that on average a little less than four people per minute were ticketed during the five day period.

The only problem with raw numbers like this is that there is nothing to compare it to. It would be nice to know what the average is both for any five day period as well as previous Eids. I did see this story from July 2006 that the police issued 25,000+ speeding tickets during a nine-day safety campaign, so rate during Eid was about three times as high as that.

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Seabee said...

Yes, as usual the 'journalism' leaves a lot to be desired. Why don't they ask questions and get a clear answer I wonder.

I took the 26,000 as possibly the correct(ish) number and on the very quiet holiday roads it's an awful lot of people doing the wrong thing!