Today's Gulf News' front page begins with an open letter to President Bush (apparently only in the print version. The online version, on page 10 of the print version, is longer and different in wording, but not in tone):

Unfortunately, you landed here with prejudice and pre-formed opinions..."

Next paragraph:

We realize that containing Iran, selling more weapons and securing cheap oil supplies are the main issues on your mind as you tour the region.

Fortunately they are not pre-judging him or anything.


Kyle said...

If a friendly state allows publication of such kind of an ‘open letter’ through its state-controlled newspaper, I wonder what’s to come from a nemesis. I suppose the nemesis would at least take the dignified route of not saying anything bad if they can’t figure out any good to say in the first place.

How’s that possible?

I get it. One needs to have some form of dignity to begin with.

Just thinking out loud here.

Apologies for the noise, Brn!

Marcus Aurelius said...

I wonder how those talks about getting Abu Mousa & the Tunbs back are going. Any progress?

Anonymous said...

Having read said open letter I find it difficult to argue with too much in there.

We all know that Bush is an oil man and in pockets of the scum who run the arms trade. They funded him and the neocons that put him in power.

So, why would he not come with 'prejudice' and a view to selling more weapons.

Sure the source may well be state controlled but who needs direct state control when you have Fox News, USA Today et al to do the job for you?

Brn said...

thanks for the comments everyone.

anonymous, I think that you are missing my point. I'm not arguing that you or the Gulf News is wrong about President Bush's motivations. (I always wish I had this ability that you and so many others seem to have to be able to see into others thoughts and know exactly what they are thinking. Were you all born with this ability or is it possible for me to develop it too?)

Anyway, my point was merely to point out the contradiction between condemning President Bush's pre-judgement with the Gulf News' similar pre-judgement.