Two things I saw yesterday:

Tamouh plans for indoor ski slope on Jebel Hafeet
Controversial plans to build an indoor ski slope on the highest peak in Abu Dhabi are being considered by local developer Tamouh Investments, as part of a major mixed-used development...

The project is controversial as it will radically alter the appearance of Jebel Hafeet...

Although the scheme will use the natural slope of the mountain, it will still require substantial work to alter the profile of the mountainside.

Quote at the Al Ain Palace Museum:
إن حجم الدول لايقاس بمساحاتها على الخريطة بل نتراثها و

زايد بن سلطان آل نهيان

Probably not by its ski slopes either.

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Brn said...

Please tell me I didn't make any typos in the Arabic. It would really stink if this landed with a thud.

On the plaque, the text was translated (and this seems a little free, but I'm not an expert and I think that it gets the idea across):

"A country is not measured by the size of its area on the map. A country is truly measured by its heritage and culture.

"Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan"