Last Week

One week from now, at this time, I'll sitting in the airport waiting for my flight that will take me home to Bss and the kids. As I expected, I'm feeling very conflict. I want so much to be back with my family, but in a way I feel like I'm leaving home here too.

These last three years have flown by so fast. I keep thinking about all the things that I wanted to do but put off because there was always time later to get to them that I'll never get to do. Never visiting Hatta and Fujairah (the only emirate I never made it to) at the two biggest misses.


Someone in Al Ain said...

I am very sorry to hear that you are leaving.. , i wish all the best for you and our family.., i hope to BSS that she will feel better and be fine all the time. , it was a great pleasure to meet you..

all the very good luck for you..


nurse on duty said...

I feel so sad that you are leaving. Goodluck and all the best to you and to your family. I pray that Bss will feel better. I will truly miss your posts and photos. If ever you will continue blogging, please inform me.

Anonymous said...

I hope that all works out well for you, Bss and the kids. Your blog is one of the best ones in Al Ain and I'll miss your insight.

Take Care.

telephone said...

Oh man, I'm just getting here, and you're leaving. Hope all works out well for you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are leaving too. Only because it is hard for you, but as your sis, I am glad you are coming home!! I know your "regrets" in a way, I have them too from my time in England. You may get the chance to go back some day, or the opportunity to go many other places. You have to look at the last 3 years as a great gift and chance to experience what so few people get the opportunity to, and take from it all the lessons you can and wonderful memories that will NEVER leave you. Each day there has built your character and molded you and you will carry that with you the rest of your life, so don't ever look back at your time in Al Ain with regret of any sort, maybe missed opportunity. We can't wait to have you home, be safe, and see you soon! Love ya - sisherilou

Marcus Aurelius said...


I'll miss your posts from my old haunt of Al-Ain.

Leaving was hard on me too, but once I got back home with the idea I was staying past the summer I got over it. Cheap, plentiful, and easily obtainable beer, all the food I like w/o having to buy a month's supply, all my family nearby etc.

Good luck on returning to your home!

rosh said...

Hi Brn, quite sorry to hear you are leaving the UAE. Reading your well written blog not just gave me an insight into Al Ain - but kept me closer to home. For one, the pictures were lovely - secondly, it was nice to know an American living in the UAE - whilst I (someone from the UAE) living in America - made the world smaller,in a way I felt less homesick - and more importantly, I've had the hope that Americans got to know more of UAE and ME in general, and I got to know more of your honest thoughts.

I shall miss your blogs about UAE and Al Ain. Do continue to blog, whilst at your lovely home in South Carolina :)

Kochumanavalan said...

All the best to ya. Keep Blogging!

Hope Bss will soon be completely well again.