The Totalitarian Impulse

First, let me be clear, I'm not calling either Tom Toles, the Washington Post cartoonist, or Robert Wright totalitarians. I'm sure that if a conservative had suggested that the government find some way to jail someone for doing something that wasn't illegal, both would be horrified. I'm merely pointing out that this impulse to abuse power is deep within all of us.


snesi said...

The name Toles sounds likes an abbreviation of 'Totalitarian', and Wright suggests someone who thinks he's always right? Right-winger, perhaps?

Brn said...

Actually both Mr. Toles and Mr. Wright are both quite liberal (i.e. lefties, not right wing). I think that it might be fair to suggest that Mr. Wright seems to rarely exhibit doubts about the correctness of his opinions.

I don't think that either side of the political spectrum has a monopoly on this sort of thinking though.