Customer Service, a Continuing Series

A couple of weeks ago, I was called by one of the companies that provides an essential service to my home. I don't really want to name the specific service, since this story could really be about any of them, but you might be able to guess as I tell my sad story. Anyway, they said that a certain piece of equipment that I was using to access their service is old and needs to be replaced and that they would contact me soon to set up an appointment.

Then yesterday I got a text from them asking me to send an SMS to a four digit number so that this switch out could be scheduled. But, when I try to send this SMS, it doesn't work. I would assume that it doesn't work because said service assumes that everyone who uses their services is using one of the telecommunications companies, but I am using the other.

No problem, I figure, I'll just visit their website and have a chat with them to straighten this all out. Needless to say, 20 minutes of chatting later has done nothing to solve the problem. So I try calling instead, thinking that maybe I might find someone who could help.

Me: Yes, a couple of weeks ago I got a call from you all to replace [equipment]. Then today I got an SMS asking me to reply via SMS to schedule this. But I cannot send the SMS to the requested number.

Him: I do not see any requests for service in your account sir.

Me: Yes, I didn't request this, you all contacted me via phone and SMS.

Him: But I do not see any request for replacement that you have made.

Me: Yes, I know. I was contacted by you. I'm following up on the contact that you initiated. What should I do about the call and SMS that you sent?

Him: Oh, I would just ignore that sir.

Me: ....

Me: Really?

Him: Oh, yes sir, you should ignore that.

Me: Does your company normally send out information to their customers that they should ignore? [At this point I am exerting everything I can to not ask if I can ignore the bills I get from them too.]

Him: I don't see any request for replacement in your account sir.

A bit later:

Him: If you need your equipment replaced, you just need to call us and tell us and we will schedule a service call and replacement if needed.

Me: OK, my equipment isn't working properly and would like to have it checked out.

Him: OK, so just call us and tell us that.

Me: What number?

Him: This one.

Me: You mean like I'm doing now?

Him: Yes.

Me: OK, I'm calling to report that I need a service call.

Him: Yes, sir, just call this number and report it and we will get a service call scheduled.

So, this afternoon it is off to the local branch. Maybe if I show a person the actual SMS something will change. But I doubt it.


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