Book Tag from The Emirates Economist

Having been tagged by John Chilton, here are my responses to the five questions:

  1. Total number of books I have owned

    Assuming that the questions means the number books that I have owned throughout my life, I'm going to guess somewhere between 1500 and 2000. Since I'm getting ready to move to the UAE, I have been getting rid of books like crazy. I figure I'm down to about 200 or so.

  2. Last book I bought

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Scriping Guide. Like all programmer types, I'm lazy.
    Any task I can automate I will, even if I have to read 1500 pages to learn how ;).

  3. Last book I read

    Heretic by Bernard Cornwell. My library got the first book of Cornwell's Grail Quest series, The Archer's Tale (or Harlequin, it's UK title) in our new popular reading collection and I got hooked. I had to request the other two books, Vagabond and Heretic through ILL.

  4. Five books that mean a lot to me

  5. Tag five people and have them do this on their blog

    This is the toughest one for me, since I don't know five bloggers to tag. So I'm tagging Ben, Henry, Kendall, Kevin and Sheri. Now you all have to start blogs and answer these questions.

1 comment:

sherilou said...

Thanks B - not only have I not read 5 books my whole life!!! (lol) I am the least computer literate on your list!! This must be some of that "what goes around comes around" stuff from all those years of being the "mean big sissy" Love ya loads!!!