Flight Info

I finally have my flight info:

1. Leaving Greenville-Spartanburg on Tuesday 7 June at 5:20 PM (EDT) and flying to Memphis on Pinnacle Airlines/Northwest (KLM flight# 7770).
Plane: Canadair CRJ. According to Seat Guru, "These small jets serve many low traffic destinations and are faster than prop planes. The downside is that they are rather uncomfortable. There is no in-flight entertainment or computer power on this or any other Northwest Domestic flight."
Flight Time: 1:30.
Layover to next flight: 1:30

2. Flying from Memphis to Amsterdam-Schiphol at 8:20 PM (EDT) on Northwest (KLM flight 6058).
Plane: DC-10. I can't believe that they are still flying DC-10s. I do get dinner on the flight (my first airline meal). I hope it is not too memorable. No in seat entertainment systems and only one movie (this week is National Treasure, don't know what next weeks will be). I hope I'll sleep a lot, but with only 17.2" wide seats and 31" of leg room, that might be hoping for a bit much.
Flight Time: 8:50 (so I'll be arriving at what my body will believe is 5 AM, but will be 11:00 local).
Layover to next flight: 3:30

3. Flying from Amsterdam-Schiphol to Dubai at 8:35 AM Wednesday (EDT) on KLM (flight# 427).
Plane: Boeing 777. These planes have individual in seat entertainment systems, but by this time I'll probably too exhausted to enjoy it. I get dinner on this flight too, so I guess I'll be enjoying a European breakfast at the Amsterdam airport.
Flight time: 6:25
Landing in Dubai, if everything is on schedule (ha-ha) at 3:00 PM Wednesday (EDT) or 11:00 PM local time. So, it should be at least 1:00 AM Thursday local time before I get to a bed in Al Ain and I'm sure the fact that it will feel like 5:00 PM to me won't stop me from sleeping.

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