Computer problems and furniture

Today is the day that my furniture and appliances are supposed to be delivered, but it is 4:00 pm already and still not a peep. Of course, I can't leave to go anywhere until they get here, even if it is midnight, as a co-worker said happened to her when she got here.

So to make the day go even better, my computer caught a virus of some sort or spyware or something that was making it pull up web pages at random, so I had to rebuild it from scratch (fortunately I didn't have much loaded on it yet) but then the new installation got a virus before Windows Update would patch the holes MS has left us with, so I had to start all over. All in all not the best of days so far.

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bob said...

Looks like a nice notebook, Brian. What is it? I trust the lab computers are a little more modern that what we saw on the website!

Send me your email. Hope you get settled in with furniture and appliances soon.