More on Geckos

According to the ladies at the Expat Mum chatboard and my co-workers, these lizards in the house are perfectly safe, as well as beneficial, since they eat bugs. A little one (about 6 cm or so) was crawling around on the floor last night, and he was a little less camera shy than the larger one:


M said...

i would suggest you install screens on your windows OR not allow any in the house , it`s not comfortable or hygenic having them crawling around in between sheets on youngesters or food in the kitchen . The arabs keep them out.

Red Pen said...

We had those in Louisiana. When we first arrived here and saw one running up the wall, we thought we'd brought it along in our luggage. No Cajun lizard--but his Arab cousin.

secretdubai said...

They are absolutely lovely, those geckos - and that is a great pic. I have tried to photo them several times but don't get great results.

Reptiles are far too nervous and sound sensitive to crawl around your bed while you sleep, nor do they eat the sort of food you would have in your kitchen. (They're not like cockroaches). You won't be able to ban them from your house anyway - god knows how they get in, but they do! As far as I am aware they don't carry any germs or diseases, and they will be a small measure towards keeping insects and flies down, as that's what they eat.