The Car

So, to complete the car saga, the dealer's representitive called about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. already at the traffic office.  So I rushed down there to meet him, we went through the paper work, got the car registration and a piece of paper, and the clerk told me to leave the car there, since I couldn't get the plate until tomorrow.  This sort of suprised me, since in America the plates are pre-made (usually by prison inmates) and just handed to you when you register the car.

Instead, the dealer's rep and I went to a little cinderblock building and gave the receipt to him so that he could make the plates.  This morning I picked up the plates and a man in the parking lot punched holes in the plates and attached them to the van for a small fee.  So watch out, they have let me loose on the roads of Al Ain.  On the way to the library from the traffic office I already infuriated a cabbie in a round about.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting all this so well. Your library skills are coming in handy for me. I have a friend who just moved to Al Ain, and it's nice to know some details about life far far away.

Anonymous said...

What is blocked out?