I work at Zayed Central Library, which is the largest of the seven libraries at the UAE University here in Al Ain.

Here are some photos of the outside of the library:

This is a view of the main entrance of the library

This a a close up of the library name and university seal

This is picture of Sheik Zayed is in the shaded area by the door. As you can see, there are always birds in this area, including some who have made their nest in the fire alarm.

This is some of the beautiful landscaping around the library.


just a mom said...

Are there many public libraries, and do you know if they have children's story time?

Brn said...

As far as I can tell, there are no public libraries in Al Ain, unfortunately. I know that our kids are going to miss library story time and being able to get new books to read easily.

And if you buy a copy of the GeoProjects street map of Al Ain, which is pretty much the only street map available, what it labels as the public library is Zayed Central.