Good News

The car dealer called this morning and told me that they would be delivering it before 4:00 today. It will be such a relief to have this ordeal over with. I would have written about this before, but I couldn't write about it without becoming too angry.

It all started a week ago Thursday. I went to Dubai, found a car, agreed on price and loan (everyone tells me that I paid too much, but I knew I was a bad negotiator going in, so I'm not surprised), and filled out all the paper work. They told me that I needed to fax them my bank statement and get checks ready (I had to give them 36 prewritten checks for the monthly payments), and then when everything was approved, they would bring the van here to Al Ain so that we could register it. So I did this last week, they collected the checks on Sunday, so everything is all set.

Except for the next four days, if I called to ask when they were going to bring the van, they either said something like, "Let me check when a driver will be available and I'll call you right back" or "The guy I need to ask is tied up right now, let me call you right back." And then never a call back. I was just getting ready to call and demand an answer or a cancellation of the contract when they called to let me know that it would be this afternoon.

I understand that I'm not their only customer, and that sometimes it takes longer to get things done than you plan on. What I don't understand is why they just couldn't tell me "We are sorry that it is taking this long, but there was a problem with X and it going to be a few days".


Emirati said...


you have to call them constantly, the way it works here is, the sicker they get of you, the quicker they help you.

Next time you are going to buy a car (if you are) you will need to consult with more people upon doing that. Make sure that when you sell this car, you stress how well youve maintained it (popular belief here is that westerners maintain cars better than could be dreamed of), youll easily get a few thousand dirhams extra for selling it.

I would advise you to buy a japanese car (production in Japan, not America, such as the Avalon from toyota or the Altima from Nissan) especially a toyota, theyre easier and cheaper to maintian, have better ACs, better resale price and they are very reliable autos. Also try and dont buy used here, as used car dealers here are generally cheats and theives.

if you have any questions about cars please take down my email.


Bu3askoor said...

Not very profissional from them. Anyhow, did you get the car .. or something else came up with their driver?