Housekeeping and New Links

I made some minor changes to the template. First, I ordered the UAE blogs I link to into active and inactive. I got this idea from SecretDubai, and it is such a brillant idea I had to use it. And really, isn't stealing the sincerest form of flattery?

Second, I have (finally) added links to a couple of blogs by Emiratis. Anything Blogable! is Bu3askoor's blog. He has added to this blog with his comments on several posts. He covers a wide range of issues, you should check it out. An Emirati's Thoughts is a new blog that SecretDubai pointed out. He has a some interesting thoughts on the relationship of the UAE and the other Gulf states, as well as other things. Since all the other blogs I have linked to have been from the expat point of view, these two give a different perspective on life here in the UAE.

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secretdubai said...

I'm glad it was a useful idea!

I think the Essays guy is still blogging, but he's no longer in Dubai.

A few of us were speculating that the reason he had so many problems was reflected in his isolationist personality online: he never enabled comments or provided any email or means of contact for himself. There are quite a few people online who would have helped him out if they could have - but he never gave people the chance. It's kind of sad. I thought he might have done it when he left but he doesn't seem to have. He also never (as far as I know) commented on anyone else's blog. Strange.