Things I miss and don't miss

Inspired by a post on Essays in Idleness, here is a list of things I miss from America:

1. My family. The only real heartbreaking absence on the list. But, only four weeks until Bss and the kids get here, so this one will get better soon.
2. Pop-tarts. Some of my co-workers claim that they have seen these at various stores around town, but every time I go to these stores, they don't have them. Maybe I'll see some in Dubai tomorrow when I'm there.
3. Having a car. Which is why I'm going to Dubai, to go car shopping. It will be nice not to have to look for a cab to go somewhere.
4. Dr Pepper. I have seen this once or twice, but only in individual cans, not 2 liter bottles.
5. Bookstores with a wide selection of books in English.
6. Rain.

Things I don't miss:

1. College students who think that everyone needs to listen to their music as they drive.
2. Severe thunderstorms.
3. Local TV news.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

The list can go on and on and on..
hang in there!

try compiling a similar list in a year ;)

thanks for sharing ur thoughts ;)

just a mom said...

I have enjoyed reading you blog. My husband landed in Abu Dhabi today (July 6th) and will make his way to Al Ain next week. The kids and I will follow in 90 days. Since I will not hear from my husband often, your blog is helpful, and I hope that he is having as nice a time as you seem to be having. Thank you!

Bu3askoor said...


Your family will be with you in no time, and you will leave your blog and us behind :)

I am not sure if i am late, but if you need help getting around Dubai to purchase a car please let me know. I can have my brother show you around.

Good luck

bigk said...

comon b, you know ya miss the canned southern weathern report "hot and humid with a chance of afternoon thundershowers" I have a sneekin suspicion that the knobs just make five forcasts wearin different suits, then take the rest of the summer off

knightridergirl said...

You said you miss the rain, I don't ! I used to leave in the UK!