More Road Signs

These are some more road signs from around my neighborhood:

As I said before, Al Ain is divided into districts, so at every intersection you have signs like these that tell you which way to turn to get to what district or community:

This is a sign warning that a roundabout is coming up:

This is a sign informing you that a roundabout is coming up:

This sign directs where each of the roads off the roundabout go:

All three of those are from the same roundabout.

This is perhaps the most ignored sign on the road:

That is the speed limit, 60 kph (about 38 mph).

This is probably the most ignored sign on the road:

Since I can't read Arabic, I'm guess that this says Don't Litter or something like it. Unfortunately, few people listen to this. I have seen people throw wrappers or soda tops on the ground when they are only 10 feet from a garbage can, or cabbies toss stuff out the window of their car. The fact that these signs are not in English too means either English speakers are considered hopeless cases or that we won't litter (probably the former).

This is one of the more useful signs. Since you can only rarely turn left, you end up driving past things and then making a U-turn to get back to it.

This is either a hat or snake that has swallowed an elephant.

Sorry about the bad Little Prince joke, but that is the first thing I thought of when I saw this sign. It is actually a warning about a large speed bump ahead.


Anonymous said...

that was funny , i think it means bumps ahead or speed breakers ,road barriers whichever they are called.

Anonymous said...

those tossing any cans ,wrappers probably dont know there is a fine of 500 dh if caught by a municipality inspector at least that`s the law in dubai ,people do it most of the time, many get away with it ,dont really know about rules in al ain .