It is raining this afternoon! I feel like a little kid at school when it starts to snow. I ran outside and stood on the porch enjoying the sight and smell of it. This makes twice it has rained since I have been here. I must be good luck ;)


SAfrican said...

You are so lucky - in Dubai its just heat, sand and humidity ... wish I can feel some rain on my face!

Storm in a Teacup said...

I remember hearing that in California, when it rains, the highways turn into disaster areas. It has something to do with pollutant build-up on the roads mixing with water, coupled with a general lack of familiarity with wet conditions.

How do the Emiratis fare?

Anonymous said...

Brian, it also rained here in Greenville today. We've had quite a bit but I'm sure it's not as exciting as in UAE. KC

Brn said...

I didn't get to drive until after it had stopped raining, but I was amazed at how long the water stayed on the road. I figured with the dry ground and low humidity that it would either soak into the ground or evaporate almost immediately.

Instead there were places in the road with several inches of water even at 8 last night. I have noticed in my walks that the drains are completely filled with sand, so that probably explains it. I didn't see any accidents though.