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One of the things I love about working in a library is that you never know what information you will come across. For example, the June 2005 Atlantic Monthly has two brief articles about this area of the world of interest:

* According to the Congressional Research Service, the UAE has one of the most generous contributors to the humanitarian rebuilding of Iraq after the war, especially when you factor in the relatively small population. It has given $215 million or about 790 million dirham. This is not military aid spent, this is rebuilding money. While it has not sent any troops, it has also contributed by helping train the new Iraqi police force. I had read about how generous the UAE was under Sheik Zayed, so this didn't surprise me at all. (On the other hand, France has contributed only $10 million. It is almost like they want project of creating a democratic Iraq to fail. Nah, that couldn't be it.)

* [27 July 2005 - This part of this post has been removed at the suggestion of a commentator. Since I'm still learning where exactly the line is between a fair observation and too strong criticism, I'm erring on the side of caution on this one, though to be honest, I really can't see how what I wrote could be construed as insulting or negative.]


Anonymous said...

I'd be careful what you write. It may be the case although it may not be the case in all of the cases. If the wrong people read this, one phonecall and thats it, you're out. Just a word of advice. I enjoy reading your blog, and dont want you to make a small mistake that could cause you problems. Remember, you are always being watched. I suggest you tone down your post.

sara said...

i dont see any reason for the removal of that paragraph as it`s common knowledge (old news)was all over the arabic media, still is and the western one after sept . 11 , islamic charitable organizations needed to verify to which projects their funds were being chanelled all over the world , even in saudi ,suspected ones were investigated and some were shut down temporarily as a result of anti-terrorism cooperation ,it was on arabic tv channels ,newspapers, the organizations operating in America are being monitored and are to abide with american laws (a show called from washington on aljazeera as well as another on dubai tv where they interview these organizations & discuss their situations ) also all financial transaction (money transfers )to America for foreigners need to be verified for what purpose if exceeding a thousand dollars by all banks in dubai.This is constructive info. and is very different to calling emiratis names such as stupid for women wearing black cloacks and men wearing white and calling the burqa `gross` on another blog ,making fun of our traditional dress instead of asking why the colours are...? especially coming from someone living here ,knowing very well this dress is not bound to change and the calls from the leaders to preserve it. I enjoy reading the blog too whenever i get the time and dont see why you should worry as an educator at the university about where to draw the line , critcize all that you dont like or cant understand or what need to be changed , constructive critisim will make us better people as opposed to jealous individuals who curse and vent their hatred for arabs by calling us horrible names and using swear words on their blogs which is not accepted by itisalat.