Something that occured to me last night as I was cooking dinner:

Why are spaghetti noodles all the same length, regardless of manufacturer? Is there some commission in Italy that decrees the size and shapes of pasta? I can't even find this information on the internet anywhere, though I did find out that the BBC ran a hoax story about spaghetti trees in Switzerland, and that in the 13th century, the pope set quality standards for pasta (at least the current pope is addressing important issues like that fiend Harry Potter).


pinkish moon said...
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pinkish moon said...

first of all nice question
second i think i suit the topic since i'm italian... the lenght depends on machines used to produce spaghetti BUT if u buy artisanal pasta or spaghetti u'll see thre r all lenght and all kind of pasta and spaghetti because machines r different... afterall making pasta is a real art in italy cause there r ways to make it according to the sauce or the toppings u want to add so common pasta is made by standard machines that's why and it's a tradition that can't be changed
enjoy our food :D

Dev Devaya said...

I don't know the answer, but do know that "spaghetti" literally means "a length of cord". Perhaps there was at some time a standard length for cord.
So, how long is a piece of spaghetti?

annckay said...

I think because it's just the correct length toswirl around the fork? don't u think?

pinkish moon said...

it's not for the fork it's cause there r standard machines at least that's what i know cause here in italy artisanal pasta can be even long 60cm

Brn said...

Thanks for all the comments. I think that spaghetti is about 26 cm.

Hurricane_ said...

Finally had the chance to read your entire BLOG, very interesting.It definately reminded me of the culture SHOCK when I was there. I wish blogging was as popular in the late 90's when I was there. I sat and laughed my ass off reading about your encounter with the LIZARDS, your experience with BANK SERVICE. Even though I was in DUBAI don't think things you mentioned were very different. What do you miss the most ? For me it was FOOTBALL (NFL and COLLEGE). Not sure if you are a GAMECOCK but if you are I think it should an interesting season with the OL BALL COACH at the helm.
keep posting , it helps maintain your SANITY.

Anonymous said...

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Leigh, ECU said...

that is too funny you mentioned the story about spaghetti growing on trees! i saw that when i was little and thought for a long time that was where spaghetti came from! my dad thought it did too!