One of the advantages of getting off the main highway was that we saw more camels than normal. Seeing camels is still very exciting. It can make me act like a little kid. (I'm not the only one. A friend of mine told me that the first time she saw a herd of camels, she was on a bus trip to Dubai, and she had to restrain herself from yelling for everyone to look.)

Living in Al Ain, I occasionally get to see camels (as well as sheep, goats, and cows) in the back of pickups on their way to or from the market.

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog while researching on the UAE. I lived in Al Ain back in the early 80s when my parents worked at Tawam hospital (my dad was the Chief Tech of the lab) when it opened.
So much has changed in the UAE since then but your pictures of camels looked very familiar!
Hope you enjoy your stay there as much as we did.