Ibn Battuta Mall

On our second trek to Dubai, we visited the Ibn Battuta Mall. The idea for the mall comes from the adventures of a man named Ibn Battuta. Each section of the mall represents a different country that Ibn Battuta explored. The decor is absolutely beautiful. I think it ranks right up there with the National Cathedral in America. We enjoyed the scenery so much that we only went into one store in the entire mall. Here are a few pictures:

This is Tunisia

Persia, my favorite area

Welcome to Egypt!

Giddyup horsie!

Looking up in India

A replica of a working clock that Ibn Battuta saw in India.


We don't know if this is a model of Ibn Buttata's ship, but we were impressed with it anyway.

We didn't take pictures of the outside of the mall. It was too hot and humid to stay out any longer than necessary. Although not as breathtaking as the inside, the outside designs also represent each country, giving the appearance of several mini malls connected to one another. The entire family enjoyed this mall experience.


just a mom said...

Just beautiful! I can't wait to see it myself!

clayfuture said...

Yeah it's a cool mall, but wait till Mall of the Emirates opens! Heck, there's a new mall opening every month!!

sherilou said...

Wow!! It is beautiful there, but even better was to see you!! I miss you guys. Looks like you are having a great time. Keep taking the pics and posting, (and posing, lol).

Mohamed Elzubeir said...

Ah.. finally an excuse to go see the mall. Although I drive up and down Sheikh Zayed Road every day, I can't still see myself driving that far out if it wasn't work related...

but the pictures are tempting. I'll pop over there this weekend and see it for myself.

Nash said...

Wow, amazing. I have to be there on my next trip to DXB. Thanks for sharing.